What You Can Expect from Counseling

Intake Process A clinical interview is an important part of the counseling intake process; this allows Ms. Mansouri to gather useful information that she will use to shape her treatment approaches and help you reach your goals in counseling. This process may include two to three initial meetings where she will gather much of your personal history and life experience, as well as having you complete a few clinical assessments that will help her understand your current functioning.


In addition, the initial intake process is an opportunity for you to assess whether you believe Ms. Mansouri would be a good fit for you. In effect, this is a time for you to interview her to make sure she is the best person for you and start to establish what you would like to accomplish through counseling. Ms. Mansouri encourages you to interview several counselors to make certain you find the person you feel most comfortable with.


Sessions  Initial intake sessions last 60 minutes. Counseling sessions are 55 minutes long. Most counseling sessions with children and adolescents will be individual meetings; however, some sessions may involve parents, guardians, siblings, and other family members important in the client’s life.

Rates  Ms. Mansouri is currently considered an Out-of-Network Provider for most insurance companies. Please check with your insurance provider to see if you have out-of-network benefits. The cost of an initial intake session is $250.00. The cost of subsequent therapy sessions is $200.00 per session. Payment for counseling sessions is due at the conclusion of each session. Ms. Mansouri also offers sliding-scale fees for people depending on their financial situations.





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