Immigration Evaluations

Ms. Mansouri specializes in comprehensive evaluations to help clients and their attorneys identify the psychological distress they and/or their families would experience if the client were deported.


An in-depth psychological assessment is essential when applying for asylum due to psychological hardship, emotional distress, or cognitive impairment.

How We Can Help

Ms. Mansouri takes a collaborative approach and works with clients, their families, and their attorneys when she completes your evaluation. A psychological evaluation can be beneficial for the following situations:

What to Expect

Ms. Mansouri's immigration evaluations typically involve:

  • A clinical interview with the client(s) and close members of their family. The interview will help understand important psychological, medical, and social background information, and the client's current cognitive and psychological functioning.

  • Consultation with the client's attorney to determine the type of waiver that will be best suited for their case.

  • A review of medical, psychological, and other collateral documents that help have a better understanding of the client's psychological and emotional functioning.

  • Ms. Mansouri will administer psychological tests to objectively assess for mental health diagnoses. Ms. Mansouri will administer and interpret paper and computer-based tests to assess for:

    • General intellectual abilities

    • Higher-level executive skills such as reasoning and problem solving

    • Attention and concentration

    • Language comprehension and communication

    • Visual-spatial skills and perception

    • Memory impairment

    • Motor and sensory skills

    • Mood and personality

    • Psychological diagnoses

After Ms. Mansouri completes the evaluation, she will write a comprehensive report that integrates her findings and share it with the client's attorney.